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June 2005

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A Summer Day - June 21

This has been a good day. There was some good news to begin the day: I got the mail and found a check for a tiny bit more than I had thought it would be, and even better than that, a notice that my rent will not go up next year.

Then came the bus ride to work. One of the stops on the route between my apartment complex and downtown Chapel Hill goes by a city park. Today there were about twelve little children and six adults waiting for the bus.

They'd had a fun morning at the park, and were on their way to lunch. I think it was a daycare center class, with a few spare adults, but I'm not sure of this. Anyway, the children and adult closest to me started singing the alphabet song. Nearly everyone else on the bus was either helping them sing or wishing them well. And all of us were smiling.

Another thing that made me smile was getting a lovely silk tunic as a gift from a friend who recently went to China. She brought it to me at work, and everyone who saw it commented on the lovely colors against the deep blue background.

Work itself was interrupted by some silliness. Rick (the senior partner) and I had gone outside to smoke, by separate doors (not deliberately; we were in separate areas of the office when the urge hit). I happened to hear his voice as he greeted Younger Partner and another attorney who were returning from lunch, so I joined the three of them.

Rick was saying, as I turned the corner of the building, that all should forget about work for the rest of the day and stay outside in the pretty weather. "But," he went on to say, knowing I could hear him, "Becky would tell on us."

I announced that I couldn't very well tell anyone if I stopped working for the day, too. Then we saw yet another of our attorney friends approaching. He happens also to teach at a local law school, so Rick asked him to give us all permission to skip. The attorney/professor looked at the four of us and told us class was dismissed and we should go goof off.

So, for a few more minutes, we did just that. After all, this man is a full professor.

After work, I had the honor of being asked by my friend who's in recovery to go with him to an open AA meeting. I am so glad I went. I know a whole lot about the disease of alcoholism, but not much at all about recovery. This evening, I know a tiny bit more than I knew this afternoon. And that is a very good thing.

It was a lovely first day of summer. I hope it's a harbinger of lovely days to come.

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