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July 2006

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Exceptionally Excellent - July 2

I was telling a friend tonight that one of the things I hate about job hunting is writing cover letters. I told her I'd rather go jogging in a sleet storm.

This isn't modesty. There are things I'm very good at, and I don't mind saying so when the occasion arises. But to proclaim, time after time, that I have exceptional skills at (pick a task) or am excellent at (pick a job) just strikes me as being phony. And that's what I hate about it.

There should definitely be a better system.

I sometimes thing my ideal cover letter would be something on the order of:

"Dear Hiring Person:

"I need a job. I have the skills noted in my resume, which is attached. If you want me to come work for you, please reply to this message."

I think I'll give that a little more thought...

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