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July 2006

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Monday - July 3

Today was very hot, and not very conducive to running many errands. I left the banking for Wednesday, but I did do a tiny bit of shopping. Wouldn't want to run out of coffee.

Otherwise, I gave myself the time today to deal with some e-mail problems, basically created by one of my webhosts deciding to tinker with things on that end. I had to wait for their tinkering to be done before I could do mine.

All seems to be set now, at least till the next time someone other than me does such tinkering. Apparently some of their customers were having problems with spam, serious enough so as to require the tinker. Me, I was doing just fine with my filters. So they fixed something that wasn't broken for me, but greater good and all that.

The evening was quiet. It included much ice water, complete with cubes.

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