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July 2006

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Saturday - July 1

Saturday turned out to be an excellent day to embrace my inner lazy person. I slept late, then wound up taking a nap. I think I needed the sleep. It's been quiet around here, very conducive to sleep.

During the course of the evening there has been some weirdness with the Rebeccaworks e-mail. I don't know why mail wasn't coming to me, but I'm sure it wasn't because all that domain mail also forwards to another account for safe-keeping and backup purposes.

The forwarded things were getting to the other account, spam and all. But only now, rather late at night, has the mail started landing in my main inbox. So yes, I spent a few minutes deleting spam. Do I know how to have fun or what?

Actually, yes I do. I had fun chatting with my best friend Donna. We hadn't had a chance to do that for a week or so, and it was good to get caught up.

And I've had a chance to get caught up with a couple of journals. In one, the writer pointed out that the year is now half over. I'm thinking I need to see it as there's still half the year to go. I'm not sure, but I think that works out to the glass being half full, which is how I mean it, anyway.

This works out to a full Saturday.

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