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June 2006

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Interruption - June 15

Sorry folks, life has gotten slightly complicated and I'll be taking a few days off. See you on the flip side!

Two Things - June 12

Two things you can do that will help you and will help at least two other people:

First is only for those in the United States. If you're in one of the four locales noted or plan to be in Washington, DC, please look into this and take advantage if you can use the insurance offered. I am sure you will get a good deal.

Second, if you've been thinking of hiring me for freelance work, now is a really good time. And I could really use the money. As I said, I need some work that is not crocheting for a bit---my hands are not in any shape, plus anything that touches the places where the knuckles got scraped hurts like hell and runs the risk of getting bleeding started again. And while I can wash blood out of yarn, it's not the best plan!

Anyone in need of my business services is strongly encouraged (that's the fancy word for "begged," in this instance) to hire me right now. Or if you really want something crocheted or repaired, hire that by way of a gift certificate. I'm not kidding, folks, I really need some help here. I'd rather earn it, but if you just want to donate money, I'm definitely happy to accept.

I'm not planning to offer a Father's Day sale because most of my special sales haven't gotten enough business to justify changing all the necessary pages. But if you're a reader of this journal, I'm happy to offer ten percent off everything on the site -- crocheted or not, including services -- through June 30. Just make sure you tell me you're a reader (even if you think I already know).

By the way, once this chapter in my life is over, I am definitely going to write a book.

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