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June 2006

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Journalversary the Sixth - June 24

June 24 is my journal anniversary. This day marks six years of "Becky Says...." Those of you who are regular readers know quite well that I tend to be an observer of anniversaries.

By the way, I have the absolute best readers of any journal online. I'm sure of that because many of you are also my friends. That has become apparent over the years, but this year you've outdone yourselves in terms of support, both practical and moral. And I appreciate your kindnesses and trust.

I also appreciate the times readers share their thoughts on the things about which I've written, or send me links to interesting topics. I love the sharing of thoughts.

In this year of great change in my life, I have come to appreciate even more the normality in my life of doing journal entries. Even on those nights when I don't have much to write, I enjoy doing the writing. And my inner geek continues to be fascinated with the fact that by wrapping a little code around my words, and giving a few instructions to a web server, I can post things that can be read all over the world.

Thank you to all of you who come to see what I've had to say. And yes I do mean're the best readers.

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