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June 2006

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Weak and Ranty - June 11

Yeesh what a week. I still feel lousy, and still look very much as though I've been the sparring partner for a threshing machine.

I've told several friends this: I'm used to dealing with physical pain (Hi, bad back!), but I'm really not used to being weak and ill. I've spent just about all weekend in bed, resting. And am heading back there, shortly.

I did want to wander over into the Episcopalian tall grass a minute: I knew + Bob Duncan long before he was Bishop of Pittsburgh. He was the campus minister for the local Episcopalians. And I thought he was a phony little man back then.

In the linked article (found courtesy of An Inch at A Time), +Bob is quoted as saying that people looking for a single moment of schism should know it had happened when +Gene Robinson was elected. And my take on this is bullshit. If there was a single moment, it came long before anyone ever thought of nominating +Gene Robinson for anything.

And I love it that the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh says he feels he has more in common with the Roman Catholic bishop and the Orthodox Metropolitan than he does with fellow members of the House of Bishops.

Someone really should let the man know there's a remedy for that.

I would do it myself, but then I'd have to wake all the way up.

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