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May 2006

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Thoughts Provoked - May 23

I watched Out of the Shadow tonight. It's a documentary about the paranoid schizophrenic mother of two young girls, one of whom grows up to be a filmmaker. It was a fascinating look into how this particular disease affects the whole family.

I'm glad I saw it. It was quite thought-provoking, in terms of mental health care and in terms of family situations.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Something that ultimately provoked cursewords more than thoughts was a job ad. This was a classified one on craigslist, and turned out to be a well-written scam attempt.

No, I didn't lose anything except a few minutes. A person wrote a "job description" to lead readers to believe that there were jobs being offered by one of the local scientific companies for people to transcribe forms from a study so that the data could then be compiled and analyzed. Although they seemed to want workers onsite, they also mentioned the possibility of working from home.

Well, that sounded like something I could do quite easily, so I wrote a pretty cover letter and sent a copy of my spiffy resume. Several hours later, I got a reply. Oh they definitely wanted me to join their team, after having read my qualifications. And I should come to their website to find out more about the job, and perhaps get started.

I was suspicious at that point, but I went looking anyway. Yes, it was the usual data-entry scam of how if you'd send them $49.95 they'd send you a list of companies that might want to have you type data entries.

I'm not at all interested in being part of that team!

The good in this is I lost no money. Of course, the bad in it is I won't make any from them. Which means I need some more freelance work, and would appreciate very much your checking the links over in the sidebar to see what I can do for you.

And always feel free to tell your friends about Rebeccaworks!

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