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May 2006

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In from the Cold - May 22

The weather here has turned chilly for this night. And that suits me just fine. It means I can wear a warm, cuddly nightgown. This one is all about the comfort. And the warm.

Yes, it's a little late in the spring to have a cool night. But there is something quite wonderful about it tonight. It's the best possible way to end a day that has had more good moments than it should have for a Monday.

At a point this afternoon I realized I had been second-guessing myself about a couple of things. I took some time to ask myself why it was I was doing that, when I had made decisions based on good information, etc. And I figured out it was that I had been dealing in new situations to me, and that let me give myself permission to quit the second-guessing. Very freeing.

Yes, I know that's a bit vague. It's just that I'm doing some new things and I'm not quite ready to announce them. You'll be among the first to know.

So the rest of the evening has been about doing those things that I needed to do, including some learning, and realizing I'm doing just what I should be at this point. Also remembering that I have some truly wonderful friends.

Since all those things are comforting, and since realizing that not second-guessing myself means I'm in from the cold, it's really appropriate that the night itself calls for a warm, comfortable garment. And lucky me, I have just the garment.

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