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May 2006

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Mother's Day - May 14

My mother never particularly liked Mother's Day. She thought parents, and indeed all human beings, should be treated well every day. So she didn't encourage me to do anything about it, and we usually let it pass with little fanfare.

But there was the famous-to-us Mother's Day when I was going home to visit and for whatever reason her local grocery store was having trouble getting her favorite snack crackers. I hated that she was doing without something that I could get easily.

So her dutiful daughter arrived bearing Triscuits. She was enormously pleased, and I think it was one of the better gifts I ever got her.

Truth is I have mixed feelings about the day. It isn't one on which I particularly miss my mother, but I do understand it brings up lots of things for people, mothers and children alike.

So if this is a challenging day for you, know my thoughts are with you. If this is a happy day for you, I am glad you have it to celebrate. And if your feelings are mixed, I definitely understand how that can be.

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