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May 2006

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Oops - May 15

I don't, as a rule, comment in public about mistakes on websites. I definitely understand how easy it is to make such. But this page definitely needed a proofreader, preferably one who had some knowledge of Latin. Or some knowledge of food.

In other words, they should have hired me.

(In case it's been corrected: the mistake was carnitas, which would have the book title translate to "God is Little Meat," instead of "God is Love.")

For the record, my favorite of the altered-meaning typos I have made was "whine" for "shine." No, it didn't get caught in time to keep it out of the finished document, which in this case was printed. That one went out to about 250 people, each and every one of whom knew what the word was supposed to be.

My favorite typo of mine that got caught in time to prevent anyone else from seeing it didn't alter a word's meaning, it just turned an existing word into nonsense. And that word? My last name.

I'm definitely glad I caught that one.

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