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April 2006

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Smile - April 17

This afternoon when I went out, there was a little boy, probably age two, riding his whatever-brand wheeled toy up and down the length of the building's porch. He and his parents live at the other end of the building from me.

I opened the door already aware of the porch as highway, so I didn't immediately step out. I looked to my right and saw the adorable little biker, slowing to a stop since he had heard the warning sign (door being unlocked) that intersecting traffic was near.

But he didn't mind the interruption. I stepped out, looked down the porch to smile at his mother, and then he and I smiled and said hi to each other several times as I grabbed my keys and locked the door behind me.

It was a happy interlude, and the memory of it has kept me happy the rest of the evening.

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