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April 2006

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Death and Life - April 16

It is with great peace and happiness that I welcome another Easter Day. But this day, April 16, is also a hard day for me. It is the tenth anniversary of my having to make the decision that ultimately ended my mother's life on earth.

It was this day, ten years ago, when I went to the hospital and met with her doctors. They told me that she had developed a fungal pneumonia, and that the treatment for it would send her into kidney failure.

And the choice I had that day was to let her die from one or the other. Based on her age and other health problems, kidney failure was extremely likely to kill her. Based on her age and other health problems, the pneumonia was extremely likely to kill her. The real question was how much suffering I was willing to make her endure. Neither option was a good one.

I decided to let nature take its course in terms of the pneumonia.

Then, I did the single-hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I walked into Mother's room and told her what I had decided, and why, based on the doctors' information to me. I know she understood me. I also begged her to give me a sign if she thought I had made the wrong decision. She did not.

And eight days later she died.

So what does that have to do with Easter? Everything.

I have never, ever wavered in my belief in the Resurrection of Christ. I have never, ever wondered whether or not I would see my parents again in the life to come, because I believe in that life.

And this day, which is both a sad anniversary and a glorious celebration, Resurrection is the word of Love.

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