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April 2006

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Common Ground - April 8

This afternoon I was on the bus, coming home from running an errand. And I wound up witnessing something quite wonderful.

As the bus pulled away from the bus stop two men were trying to catch it. I spoke up (I happened to be the only passenger), but the driver was in the process of making a lane change and had to wait for a safe spot to stop. He did so, once he got into the left-turn lane and had to stop for the stoplight anyway.

The first man got on, said thanks to the driver, and took a seat. The second man was still approaching, and the driver was complaining about how it was that someone would no doubt turn him in for making an unplanned stop for passengers. The second man heard the complaint, and started to go away from the bus.

Which made the driver start talking even louder and tell the unsure passenger-to-be to hurry up before someone got him in trouble. The man got on the bus, and loud talking of who was right and who was wrong and who was at the bus stop ensued.

The loudness and angry words went on a few minutes, then for reasons I didn't hear completely, the conversation changed tone. The next thing I did hear was the driver and passenger discussing the street we were on and people who lived along it, then somehow a comparison of nicknames led to a realization that one man's brother was married to the other man's cousin.

When we got to the stop the two passengers needed, the driver and the second passenger said goodbye and that they'd see each other next weekend. The passenger said he'd do his best to make sure there wasn't a problem at the bus stop next Saturday, to which the driver replied, "No problem, man! You're family!"

Common ground. I wish the rest of the world's people, especially those who need to do so, could find it.

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