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April 2006

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Thoughts - April 9

I got some thought-provoking mail after yesterday's "common ground" entry. It raised questions about how to deal with those people in the world that we just flat don't like (and in this case, I'm actually thinking about those who are our national leaders at the moment, before anyone wonders who I don't like).

We acknowledge, sometimes grudgingly, that the unliked ones are part of the family of humanity, but in the same thought we are grateful that they aren't close enough kin that we need to ask them over to share holiday meals.

So what to do about these people? In a perfect world perhaps we'd figure out why we dislike them and work to find common ground outside that area (like the two men yesterday, although that angry flare probably shouldn't be in the category of dislike and their area of dispute was already clear to them and to those two of us witnessing the disagreement).

In this less-than-perfect world, where among other constraints we have to deal with lack of time for this sort of investigation of our psyches, perhaps the best we can do is be polite. Keep our disputes civil, and our actions courteous.

And those of us who are so inclined can pray.

I'm planning to take my own advice on this one.

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