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April 2006

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Chance Encounter - April 6

Today's agenda included a trip downtown to put a package in the mail to a customer. I had the package (which was rather bulky but not heavy at all) in one arm, and my handbag on my shoulder as I headed to the bus.

When I got there and saw the driver, I realized it was one of the ones I had ridden with daily all of the past fall. He warned me this particular bus had a really high step up from the ground, so I plopped the package inside the door and grabbed the handrails to aid me in doing an unencumbered high step of my own.

The bus was empty of other passengers for a couple of stops, so the driver and I had a good chance to get caught up with each other. We covered all the necessary topics (we're both fine, and not spending money on the NC Lottery), and as other passengers got on we talked a little about traffic patterns.

All in all, a pleasant conversation. When we got to my stop, I thanked him and said it had been good to see him, then went on my way.

Package got mailed, then next up was a trip to get a few things from the drugstore. Those acquired, I waited, reading the local paper, for the bus back home.

The bus came, and the same driver was driving. And his comment as I boarded the bus was, "What are you doing, riding around?" I'm sure the other passengers who heard him were thinking he was planning to make me get off the bus, because he's known for being stern to people who are seeming to break the bus system rule about not riding the same round trip twice in a row. (That rule exists because the service is free.)

I, on the other hand, knew he was teasing me and for once in a rare while I had an answer ready. I replied, "No, I mailed my package and bought my stuff at the drugstore, and now I'd like to go home, please." To which he nodded as I was getting myself seated. The other passengers went back to whatever they were doing, and we headed out.

When we got to my apartment complex, I said I thought I was home to stay for the day. We both said it had been good to see each other again and wished other a good evening.

I enjoyed the catching-up and the silliness. It's nice to have unexpected encounters that leave you smiling, and this one did.

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