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April 2006

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Becky Screams - April 4

Pissing me off right now is the latest variation in spam to hit my inbox. I have received over the last few days pieces of spam with the subject lines worded to indicate that the sender might well be trying to order something crocheted or hire me for some business freelance work.

I'm guessing there are spam bots looking for keywords and using matched ones as subjects.

When I look, because I dare not miss a real customer, I find some blather about buying stock, usually preceded by a set of nonsense-to-the-message words designed to trick spam filters.

I don't read the messages. I delete, I occasionally update my own spam filtering, and that's me you hear screaming.

Another thing adding to the urge to scream today was a note from a cousin about this coming summer's family reunion. He deliberately sent it so the recipient's names and e-mail addresses showed, and commented that those (twenty-some) were the only relatives he had left.

Umm, no, we aren't. Those may be the only relatives for whom he has e-mail, but there are a boatload of people to whom we are related who are not on his list. He just wanted to whine about the low attendance at reunions, and to guilt-trip people into coming to the one this year.

In the interest of not starting a family fight, I decided to let someone else deal with that one. I was too busy trying to do my own work and delete spam. And I was tired.

All that screaming takes a lot of energy.

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