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April 2006

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In the Wind - April 3

There was one of those impossible-to-ignore winds this afternoon. And it was glorious. It was warm enough outside to enjoy being in this wind, which was a south wind when I was out in it.

While I was waiting downtown for my bus, I sat and let the wind blow my hair. I rarely ever deliberately do that. In fact, I usually really don't like having wind in my hair. But this was a different wind, somehow, and the sensation of it blowing through my hair was refreshing and welcome.

Ever since I let the wind have its way, without complaint or attempt to escape, I've felt renewed. I have a sense that I was just where I should have been that moment today.

I am reminded of the notion of winds of change. Of letting go of old thought patterns, and taking in the new ones, ones that have arrived on the wind. Of the dirt and despair being sent away, and the clean and hope of things to come being stirred.

Funny what comes from an outing in the wind.

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