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February 2006

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Details - February 27

The freelance project I mentioned last night is doing a completely off-line backup of someone's journal site. The client for this is someone I've known several years --- we met through her journal. She had had a habit of keeping all her entries in a popular word-processing program, but when a change in journal hosts came about, and several other things were taking up her time and mindspace, she quit doing that.

So she asked if I'd be interested in going to each of her entries and doing a copy-and-paste to put them into the word-processing format. I told her I'd be happy to do it, and that I'd look over the project and suggest a price.

After doing a couple of sample entries in the format she wanted, paying attention to the time I was spending, and looking at the amount I charge for various other freelance business work items, I arrived at a figure of $1.00 per entry. She agreed that this was a reasonable amount, and we're ironing out the final details of delivery.

And I'd like to make the same offer to any of you who would like to have someone else take over archiving all those back entries you've meant to save locally. What I can do for you is either save the pages as web pages, complete with all the graphics, or do the copy-and-paste described above.

This is not limited to journal sites, in case you have another sort of site in need of a local copy, but it is limited in that you must be the site owner or have copyright permission. I will not make for you a lovely copy of someone else's work without their permission.

The easiest method of delivery seems to be a CD mailed to the customer, but I'm also happy to take the time to attach the files to e-mail, if you'd rather have them sent that way.

Obviously, this is a high price if you have a bunch of small (one-paragraph) entries all on one web page. I'm willing to do some combining if that's the case.

And I'll be happy to do a sample page for free. I highly recommend doing that, for compatibility's sake.

So if this is something you'd like to have done, or would like to get a little more information about, please write to me.

And for those of you who have no need or interest, thanks for reading all through the entry!

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