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February 2006

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Tuesday - February 28

My condolences to Ben and his family in the recent death of his mother.

And my condolences to his family in the recent death of Tim Kimrey. I knew Tim a number of years ago when he was president of the local ministerial association and I was working at Non-Profit Agency #1. I always admired his spirit and his sense of humor. Chapel Hill was a better place for his having been in town so many years.

To all who mourn this night, may you find solace in good memories and in knowing your loved ones are at rest.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Most of my day has been spent doing freelance work. I've added a link to the website backups page over in the sidebar. The information is now on the Rebeccaworks site, and is basically the same as was in the entry yesterday. I need to edit it a little more, but for the moment, it will do just fine. And you may feel free to contact me through that site or this one for more information about the service.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Something that really upset me today was a piece of spam that came with the subject line, "for (person's name)," using the name of a friend of mine who has recently been ill. I was afraid someone local to my friend had been given the task of passing on bad news, and immediately opened the message. Which was a damned sales pitch for stock in some company.

So some son-of-a-bitch peddler made me worry for nothing. And I hate that, which you've probably figured out by now!

Trust me: if I could have attached myself to a reply message, I would have gone to that sender and screamed. This many hours later, I'm still angry about it.

Late in the day I heard from my friend, who is doing fine (no, I didn't tell the friend about the spam, and that's why I'm omitting a name). And I'm telling you about it in case you have any ailing friends. No need for all of us to be upset.

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