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February 2006

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Crafts - February 26

My congratulations to all who participated in the Knitting Olympics! That was such a great idea, and I've seen photographic evidence of some really gorgeous work!

This weekend has been pretty crafts-centric for me. I've been working a lot on the crochet project, which is going quite well. And I realized, as I sat here crocheting, that I was surrounded at that moment by things I have made.

I was wrapped in an afghan I made in the early 1990s. I was sitting against pillows that I had sewn years earlier. Another afghan I made was also in the room, as was a shawl. And my coffee mug was resting on a coaster I had cross-stitched. Some smaller crocheted pieces (stars and snowflakes) were in boxes nearby.

It was nice to realize that there was so much of my work so close to me. I like being able to make things. I like knowing things I've made will last a long time.

I've also spent some time considering how to do and charge for a new freelance project, the request of someone who needs a little help. The only way to really know how to charge for it was to do a small sample of the work and go from there. I will tell you more about it in another entry.

For now, I want to get back to my crocheting.

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