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February 2006

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Humming Bach - February 20

The good feelings from yesterday carried forward into this day, and were joined by some new ones.

Something I forgot to tell last night about the talk with Donna is that I found out my niece Candace is taking Latin and loves it. This pleases me on so many levels, the most basic of which is that I also love the language. But the first thought I had was how that would please my mother, who loved and taught the language for many years.

Mother and Candace did not have much earthly time together, but that they developed a strong bond has never been in doubt. In recognition of that, I am going to make sure Candace gets Latin books that had belonged to Mother. It is meet and right.

I've received orders for crocheted pieces in the last couple of days. It's been good not only because I appreciate the business, but also because I've enjoyed communicating about the projects with those who have placed orders. There are colors and patterns and hook sizes dancing in my mind and making me smile.

The crocheting I'm already working on continues to go well and be a pleasure.

All of these things are significant parts of the goodness.

Lately I've realized that when I catch myself humming the music of J.S. Bach it's a signal that the day is going very well. Today I spent a lot of time humming Bach (a favorite, the Little G Minor Prelude, for those who want to know these things).

* * * * * * * * * * *

My sincere thanks to those of you who have donated or chosen to purchase something. Your kindness definitely added to the goodness.

It is no secret that I'm having some financially challenging times. Money I expected to receive is not going to come, and I'm scrambling to make that up so I can pay my bills. If you would like to help out, your gift will be deeply appreciated. Toward that, I have set up a PayPal donation link. To make utterly sure I am not violating PayPal's Terms of Service, the donation link is on the Rebeccaworks site (which is the address tied to my PayPal account), and may be accessed by clicking here.

Please note that I understand people can't donate money for a variety of reasons. Good vibes and prayers are also deeply appreciated.

If you'd rather hire me for something freelance (business or handcraft) there are links to those parts of Rebeccaworks at the bottom of the donation page.

This will stay up only so long as I need a little help.

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