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February 2006

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Family - February 19

This day was about as close as it gets to perfect.

I had heard from David last week, that he and Mark were going to be up this way over the weekend and could we get together? Of course we could, so when Mark called last night all that was left to do was set a time and for me to think of where we'd eat and what sights in Chapel Hill we'd see.

So I got up this morning and finished a couple of things I wanted to get done, and early this afternoon my chosen brother and brother-in-law arrived. We first had the requisite tour of the apartment, complete with clutter, since Mark hadn't yet seen the place. Then we headed out.

When we got to Chapel Hill we drove through a bit of the residential and all of the downtown business district of Chapel Hill, then headed over to drive through campus. The last time I had done a campus tour by car it was the five-minute version because construction was blocking a main road. This day we had all of Cameron Avenue at our disposal, so long as we didn't run over the people heading to Memorial Hall.

After we drove through the campus, we headed over to Carrboro to see the business district there, and some of the residential area. We then went back into Chapel Hill and went to Spanky's for lunch. Except for the part about Spanky's being a sports bar in the middle of a Carolina basketball game, we had a great time. The food was really good, and the conversation, while fairly serious in content (we were getting caught up on our lives), was excellent.

After lunch we went walking down Franklin Street, then did some more touring of the campus, this time on foot. The main campus is one of my favorite places, and I love having a chance to play tour guide. Of course, when you go there with me, you're likely to get stories from my student days thrown in. And there was much joking.

A couple of errands later and we came back to my place to sit and talk some more, without the accompaniment of basketball announcers and audience cheers. I am so glad we had so much time together, and look forward to more good visits whenever we can arrange them.

Not too long after they left, I got another call from chosen sister and best friend Donna. This call was one of those long, wide-ranging talks, exploring the past, dissecting the present, and gazing toward the future. It was filled with our own special brand of silliness, and was wonderful.

So went the day. It was good. It was filled with love. It was filled with family.

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My sincere thanks to those of you who have donated or chosen to purchase something. Your kindness definitely added to the goodness that today has been.

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