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February 2006

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The Februaries - February 21

As today was ending, someone who had been on my mind all day sent e-mail, confirming that he wasn't having a good day. As I write this, I haven't replied to him, but I will.

Meanwhile, I will say to him and to you: this is apparently the week when a lot of us are having cases of the Februaries. That's the accepted term for when the second month of the year gets depressing and painful to live through and brings up bad stuff from depths of our souls.

And it happens whether or not depression is part of someone's normal routine.

The Februaries aren't usually the whole month long. No, they're time points, and those points move around our own personal calendars, seemingly as they please.

They're the moments when we realize the new-car smell of January has taken leave, and perhaps taken a lot of hope along for the ride. The moments when we know, in the northern parts of the world, spring might be around the corner but you'd better be prepared for another blizzard or few, just in case.

The Februaries are when you realize this is the shortest calendar month until it's the longest damned month ever lived through until it goes back to speeding past and you don't think you have anything to show for it at all.

But have faith. The year will come to its senses and those jump-around time points signaling the Februaries will settle down. The other months of the year will still stretch in front of us, inviting us to meet them, for the next adventure, the next time of relaxation, the next moments.

The only way to get to those next moments is to endure these.

And a final note to my friend: take care and know you're in my thoughts this very hard night.

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