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February 2006

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Reminded - February 15

Today has been a really busy day, and I'm very tired tonight. But all day long, in one way or another, I've been reminded of my blessings. Of the things that are unmistakably right in my life.

There is joy. There is silliness. There are good people. And there is much love.

The rest of this entry may seem familiar. It's actually a reprint of something I wrote in 2003 for the first Februarium collaboration, and I used part of it last year on Valentine's Day. I was thinking today about the song lyric I quoted in it, and that reminded me of the entry itself. Occasionally, things bear repeating.

"Why do you love?"

A bit of an Oscar Hammerstein lyric that was intended for The Sound of Music gave a good reason: "Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay. Love isn't love till you give it away."

I love because I can't not love. I can't go through life shutting my heart to people, even if sometimes those people wind up bringing me a great deal of pain. Love is not something I can really regret --- some relationships, yes, but not the love that underlay them.

I love because I am the better for it. Loving people and seeking to be loving toward them takes me outside my own selfish preoccupations. And that's a good thing to have happen.

I love because doing so expresses my soul.

I love because I do. It's as simple and as complicated as that.

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