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February 2006

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Two Things - February 13

Today I got a request from a business that wanted to do reciprocal links with my business site. The webmaster told me she wanted to put my link on a specific page of their site, which contained several products.

I said no to that one. The products on that page I found to be quite negative in tone. I think being linked there could even cost me business. When I replied, I merely said that I thought my site would not be a good fit there. What I'll tell you is I'm glad she asked before installing a link!

Then I both sighed with relief and had a laugh over it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Nothing is amusing about this: there has been a hard drive failure at As of this writing, it isn't known how much if any of the data (as in journal entries) on that drive can be saved. What is known is that there were no site-wide backups made in over a year.

My sympathies to all who have been affected, along with my best wishes for the data recovery.

The lucky ones from diary-x are those who did their own backups. If you have a website, I hope you're already doing likewise. It would be a shame to lose something you've put time and thought into when preventing that loss is not hard.

And yes, I have all my sites' contents backed up.

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