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February 2006

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Crochet Weekend - February 12

My weekend has largely been about crochet.

I got a request from a woman who wanted to know if I could take her ideas for a crocheted piece and transform them into a pattern. I wrote back, to say I didn't think I could, because I rarely even write out my own pattern ideas---I do scribble notes as I go, if it's something I think I want to make again.

But I did offer to give it a try, or to at least give her some "getting started" tips. It turned out all she really needed was a good, basic snowflake pattern, not the one that forms the center of my blanket motifs, but one that was more of a spiderweb in design. I took a quick look at my bookmarks, sent her two links with some explanation, and wished her luck.

Sometimes it's all about the sharing of knowledge. That seems to be very true in the crafting world. And I like that. I like knowing that if I have an odd question there are people to whom I can write for help. I like knowing that some of the knowledge I've amassed over the years can help someone else occasionally.

And I've spent a lot of the weekend crocheting on one of the baby blankets I'm making for a client (who is also a friend). The work is going well, and as a personal bonus, I'm getting to use one of my favorite hooks. I have several crochet hooks that I've had all my crocheting life, and those are the ones I most enjoy using.

Their history and mine are bound together. I know just how it will feel to work with them.

I like that familiarity.

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