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Other Writers - December 21

One of the best things about reading personal sites is seeing the world through someone else's eyes. Another is watching someone meet a goal. To see what I mean, follow the links.

Four years ago, I read Wendy's entry on the Winter Solstice. I think it's one of the most beautiful of her entries, and I wanted to call it to your attention.

NoraCharles and Rising have done "You" entries. I enjoyed reading both. And I'm enjoying getting to know their respective journals.

This year, I've bought myself a couple of Christmas presents. One of those showed up Tuesday, my copy of Patrick's book of Stoplight Stories.

I have been fascinated with these short stories ever since Patrick started writing them. Together, they represent several different facets of his writing talent. And the publication of the book means I can hold these stories in my hand and read them wherever I please.

If you'd like the same experience, that link takes you to the page where you can order a copy.

I'm still working on the last of the gifts for this year, and have a few more cards to address and mail. I should post this and get back to that. Happy Solstice!

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