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December 2005

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Snowflakes - December 20

Every December I tell myself that I really should start on Christmas crocheting much earlier than I do start. Most every subsequent year I forget I've said that. This year is not an exception. It being the norm for me got funny when I was talking with my best friend, Donna, on Monday.

One of my long-time Christmas traditions that continues is making a snowflake for Donna's daughter, Candace. One of that family's traditions is putting up the Christmas tree early in the season, which is ordinarily a long time before I get around to making the snowflake. I usually do manage to get it there before they take the tree down right after Christmas.

Donna said that she always counted them very carefully, knowing that at the end of the season there would be one more snowflake than had been there the year before. I said something about their habit of earlier decorating, and as soon as it came out of my mouth I realized it sounded like I was complaining.

Which wasn't the case at all. I apologized for how it sounded, but Donna was laughing at what I had said, instead of getting mad. We both wound up doing a good deal of joking about who decorated when. I believe I mentioned that February would be a good month...

Donna then told me that she and her husband, Ronnie, had seen a car drive by on Sunday, laden with a Christmas tree. Ronnie was really startled that anyone would have waited so late in the season to get a tree. Donna pointed out to him that not everyone did things the way they did. I don't believe she had to use my name to make the point, but it would have been appropriate.

I mentioned that making Candace's snowflake was a long-time tradition. So far, it's been every Christmas she's ever had. I am deeply pleased that the snowflakes and the tradition are both important to Candace. And with a little luck from the mail service, this year's snowflake will arrive before Santa Claus.

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