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December 2005

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On Winter's First Day - December 22

Two years ago, I wrote an entry that is one of my favorites, on the notion of keeping watch over and being supportive of each other. Last year, I revisited the topic. This year, I will simply say again that the keeping of watch continues to be a source of profound joy.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Last night I had dinner with TeKay. We had both managed to miss eating lunch, so by the time we got to Breadmen's we were hungry. Let's just say the two of us took advantage of the availability of side orders.

After we ate, we came back to my apartment. One of the bonus points of TeKay is that he understands my specific packrat nature, so I didn't worry about the clutter he would face in my living room.

I made coffee, and we talked for another couple of hours, interrupting ourselves to check e-mail (actually, since we met through a discussion group online, that's more appropriate than you might think) and to comment on its contents.

There is something really wonderful about getting to spend this sort of time with my friend. Usually we're in the midst of doing something else when we have time together, and while that's always been fun, it doesn't always lead to deep conversations. Last night was the deep.

For various reasons, we are both in states of making changes in our lives. We did a lot of talking about them, more about his than mine because his are greater ones involving job-hunting and potential moves.

I've told him several times that I don't want him to move, and since it's all about me he should please quit babbling about making a living and other trivial concerns. But he knows that's a joke. And he also knows one thing: no matter where he winds up in life, I am as close as the nearest e-mail client or cell phone. I know the same is true in reverse.

Somehow it's really appropriate that this visit happened to take place on the day when the ratio change from darkness to light begins in this hemisphere.

Earlier in the day, someone wished me a blessed Solstice. I believe I definitely had one.

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