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December 2005

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Greetings of the Season - December 13

I spent a lot of Monday night working on holiday cards. I'm not quite through with my list, but I'm well on the way. The things I'm crocheting were left uncrocheted for the evening.

On Monday a couple of nice things happened. They deserve more thoughtful words than I have for them at the moment, so I'll save them to tell you later in the week. Suffice it to say that the nice things put me in a really good mood, and writing the cards enhanced that.

From the time of my earliest Christmas memories I've enjoyed greeting cards, both the sending and the receiving. I am not one who opposes holiday letters, either. I haven't done one in several years, but that has been due to circumstance rather than dislike.

It was a rite of passage for me to graduate from being the one in the household whose job with regard to the cards was putting the stamps on the outgoing ones and neatly arranging the received ones to actually helping with the signing and note-writing.

I'm sure my mother appreciated the help, but I'm also sure she knew how special it made me feel.

She was good with things like that.

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