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December 2005

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Good and Good - December 14

Earlier this week I got e-mail at my Rebeccaworks site, from someone who said that a handbag I had made was just exactly what she was looking for, and could she please buy it? I replied that I didn't ordinarily keep made things in stock, but I did happen to have the very handbag in the picture.

The only reason she might not want that one was that I had used it a few months, then when I changed bags to wash that one I got busy and never went back to using it. In fact, it had been stored long enough to get dusty.

She didn't care about the dust (I did, so I washed it out), she would be happy to take the slightly used one, and would I please also make her another one just like it (I will, early in the new year), in case this one wears out.

And she wasn't exaggerating on the buy it part. Her payment has arrived, all shiny and spiffy in my account with that company that starts with a P. As soon as the washed bag gets dry, I will put it in the mail. I'll get the yarn for the next one soon.

She has no idea she made my week.

I've gone through some doubts this year about that site. I have really only made money from the repair work part of it, not from the crochet. So I was thinking of eliminating the pages offering to crochet something for someone and stick with only offering repairs.

But this lady has brought me back full circle to the time I was excited about it. To the time I was taking the picture of the handbags and writing the copy. To the time the very first order for a handbag was received, from a person I had asked to check the site for load time. To the time I got a lovely response from that first bag sold.

So I not only get some badly-needed extra money, I get a burst of enthusiasm. She gets exactly what she had been looking for, and I get to feel good. I believe these things are called win-win.

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