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December 2005

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Cupcakes - December 12

I got my weekly shopping done Sunday afternoon. The shopping gods must have decided to give me a break: when I got to the checkout it turned out that taking advantage of weekly specials on things I would have bought anyway, and a small bit of stocking up, I saved over twelve dollars. On top of that, I remembered the cupcakes.

In all the todo with my foot, and with not doing my regular shopping for a couple of weeks on account of it, I lost track of the fact that I still wanted chocolate cake for my birthday, since the restaurant where the occasion was celebrated didn't have that on its dessert menu.

The easiest, least fattening way of accomplishing that is to buy said cake from the grocery deli department. I usually buy a small package of chocolate cupcakes to hold the calories down even more.

Last week, in making my list for my restock-the-kitchen foray, I forgot to put cupcakes on the list. I didn't think about them until late in the next evening, and made a mental note to add them to this week's list. Which I would have done had I actually made a list. But since I was buying the usual products, I didn't bother.

So that's why I'm pleased with having remembered to get cupcakes. I found the mini ones (even fewer calories!) and was delighted that they came with my favorite fluffy white frosting.

I'll just ignore the Christmas sprinkles.

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