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September 2005

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Ideas and the Emmys - September 18

There are several partially-written entries waiting to be fleshed out someday. Until then, the high spots.

--It's best to remember that not all people have the same values. I may not have all the money I'd like to have, but even if I did have it, there are plenty of things I do not want. And there are plenty of things I would still do exactly the same way I do them now.

--There are good ways to help people feel better about themselves, and there are ways that most assuredly do not get you the desired happier person.

--It can be a challenge to reply to a letter from a friend who has been out of touch. This is especially true if your life has undergone major changes since the last correspondence.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I watched the Emmys tonight. I'm still cringing over the "Emmy Idol" segment that had a soprano singing the "Star Trek" instrumental theme. Ordinarily, I like it when singers do the instrumental parts. This time, it seemed forced and not at all amusing. The other three segments were amusing and didn't make me want to hit the mute button on my remote.

As to the awards, I didn't have any strong opinions one way or the other, so I won't make comments on the winners. As to the show, well, I've seen a lot of Emmy telecasts in my lifetime, and some of them I liked better than this one.

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