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September 2005

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Tired - September 15

As much as I like naps in general, I hate short naps. They always leave me wide awake far too long afterward. For me, a short nap is one that lasts less than an hour.

I had a short nap tonight, and that, in combination with my bad back, has me wide awake and not particularly happy about it. And at the moment, I'll also admit to being grumpy.

You'd think in all the awakeness I could find something more interesting to write about than the fact that I'm tired. But no, that's about it for the evening. Between being tired and grumpy and having a backache day, my brain is pretty much occupied with me.

Another night I'll write again of things I really like. Butterflies, for instance. But tonight, I think I should keep my tired self fairly quiet.

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