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September 2005

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Monday at Random - September 19

I mentioned yesterday that there were things I wouldn't buy even if money were no object. High on that list is hardback books. I really prefer paperbacks, for a very simple reason: I like to read in bed, and paperbacks are generally more suited to that than their hardbound companions.

Today has been a hard day. It's the anniversary of the day I bought the late, much lamented Katie-the-car. And I miss her, and what she represented in my life.

The possibility of another major hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast so soon after Katrina is hard enough to think about from my home in North Carolina. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for those whose lives might be directly affected by it. I wish them all the very best.

After work, I did the week's shopping. I was paying attention to the time, and realized I was leaving the store twenty-five minutes after I got off the bus that brought me to the place. This didn't surprise me at all; I am not often one to linger in stores. But it frequently surprises friends of mine.

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