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August 2005

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Busy - August 11

This has been an incredibly busy day. Monday is the deadline for filing income tax returns if one has taken an extension. And the last two of our clients who had done just that had returns to be done today. The information for the returns was late getting to the law firm, one from procrastination on the client's part, and one from procrastination on the part of a financial institution that had made an error they were slow to correct.

The attorney who asked me to do the copying and assembling for the last two returns had warned me they were coming and that both were massive. They both involved estate returns as well as individual ones, and it took several hours to do my part of them. The attorney's part had taken a lot of time, too. And both of us were working with the best technology available to us.

Needless to say, I was most displeased with the procrastinating client. I was even more displeased when I saw that the twit had faxed to us the necessary information and all the varied attachments had to be hand cut so they could be put together with the appropriate returns. I asked for some help with the cutting because I'm not the world's best with such on a good day, and this one definitely was not.

Meantime, we had an office full of clients. One of those was someone who is also a longtime friend of mine. I happened to be holding the fort in the lobby when he came in, and as he was finishing his work with the attorney, and commenting on how crazy busy his day had been, he asked if I could make four copies for him. In my best joking tone of voice I said, "Nooooo!"

He of course knew I was joking, so in a similar tone his response was, "You mean all our years of friendship count for nothing and you won't do this one little favor for meeeeee?" This was said as I was heading to the copier, his documents in hand.

It may have been a silly exchange, but we had fun with it, and in the middle of the crazy busy day that counted for quite a lot.

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