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August 2005

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Not Cornflakes - August 10

The longer segment of the ride to work today was unpleasant. A couple of the other passengers had decided to have beer as breakfast, and were feeling the need to discuss this wondrous occurrence as we rode along. Apparently neither of them knew the other would be on this bus, and from what I could gather they had not shared breakfast time.

Unfortunately, they were seated next to and in front of me, so I was not only the captive audience for the words but also for the scent. There is nothing quite like smelling beer breath coming at you from two mouths at once. Especially if you don't particularly like beer and definitely don't prefer it for your morning beverage.

The rider seated next to me was doing more of the actual talking of the two. The more into what she was saying she got the more animated she became. The more animated she became the closer she wanted to be to the person who was mumbling replies to her. I'll spare you more details, but had she gotten half an inch closer to him she would have been sitting on my lap. Which definitely would not have worked for me.

I would have moved, to let them carry on their talk-and-mumble routine without my presence, but they had me effectively blocked in my seat. I spent much of the ride staring out the window, to avoid making eye contact or otherwise being drawn into the conversation. I was sure I had nothing to contribute to that one.

They got off the bus together, several stops before mine.

Can't say I was sorry to see them leave.

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