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August 2005

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Found - August 9

It's definitely not a secret that there has been a lot of loss this year, especially true in the past month. So it is with great pleasure that I can tell you a happy little story about finding something I had thought was lost forever.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a hurry getting dressed one day. I was, as is often the case, planning to wear a pair of gold hoop earrings, fairly small hoops with a very simple twist design. These are clip-ons, since my ears aren't pierced. My mother had run into them on a shopping trip one day, and had bought them for me, thinking I would like them. She was definitely right. They're probably my favorite pair of earrings.

As I said, I was in a hurry. Which explains why I was in the kitchen, gulping the last of my coffee and putting on earrings at the same time. I was standing beside the chair where I had put my handbag, and on my way to the coffee I had put the last-minute things into the bag.

Fast forward a few minutes. I was on the bus, and happened to realize I was only wearing one earring. I looked around my immediate area, and saw no mate to it. So I took off the one I had on, and put it in my wallet. I left it there, in large part because I didn't want to deal with the loss of something else.

After work I did look for the missing earring between the bus stop and my apartment as well as in the apartment, obviously without success. In the ensuing days, I had come to an acceptance of the loss, being grateful that other times one of that pair had disappeared it had reappeared but being pretty sure this time the earring was gone forever.

So I really was not looking for it this afternoon at the office. I was looking for something else in my handbag, and happened to find the earring, at the bottom of the bag. I checked to make sure the one I had found was not the one that had been in my wallet all along. The wallet one was still where I had left it.

Either in my haste to get ready to leave the morning of the loss, I had dropped the earring into the bag along with the things I intended to put in, or the earring had not been securely on my earlobe and fell into the bag. I'll never be sure. In either case, I am delighted to have my favorites to wear again.

I sat there for a moment with both earrings in my hand, and decided to take the reappearance of the missing earring as a hopeful sign. In the face of all the losses of the year, a find can be nothing less.

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