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July 2005

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A Note and The Day - July 18

First, to get this off my chest, a note to someone who probably won't read it:

Dear Fuckwit,

Thanks for reading the entry about Katie the car. I appreciate that you took the time to write. But two things: you should have paid attention to the fact that the entry was written after a binding decision had been made, and you shouldn't have used a fake e-mail address.

Your second-guessing me and telling me I made the wrong decision truly did not help. Your telling me to bite the bullet and pony up the money for repairs? Not helpful in the least.

But I thanked you for taking the time to write. I managed to say that while I appreciated your intent, it was too late to change my mind even if I wanted to do so. And I hit send. Only to get a bounced e-mail, telling me that your address did not exist.

Yes, I admit there's a slim chance you mistyped something, or that the server made an error. But I'm blaming this on you. You should burn in eternal hell for upsetting me.


There. I feel much better.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I got to work today to find an advertisement from a local clothier, intended for the whole firm. Aside from the fact that the service (which has them coming to our office to get measurements, etc., before doing custom tailoring) is outside our price or interest range, the thing that definitely made me trash the ad was the sentence in which the salesman said our measurements would be kept on file.

There are things I do not care to have on file about me, thank you.

Yeah, it's supposed to be a selling point. But in this day and age, where people change sizes fairly often, I wonder if keeping measurements is such a bright idea. At any rate, the idea of our firm having all of us be dressed in custom-tailored suits every day (same suit; the difference for women was faux pearls instead of ties) made me giggle.

Just as well that I tossed the ad. Next on the agenda was a plea from Kathy to help eat the cake her mother had sent for Kathy's upcoming birthday. I try very hard to help those in the office who have urgent needs, so I forced myself to have a piece of really delicious cake. It was a sacrifice, but helping Kathy was important.

* * * * * * * * * * *

After work, I did my usual Monday afternoon run to the grocery store. I didn't need too much, which meant that the walk home was a little easier. I definitely don't mind getting the exercise I'm getting doing all the walking, even in hot weather. I am, however, grateful that there is air conditioning in my apartment!

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