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June 2005

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Fifth Anniversary - June 24

Happy Anniversary to me! I've been saying things here for five years today. And if you had told me five years ago what the ensuing days between then and now would hold, I would have laughed, cried, believed you, thought you were exaggerating, and been amazed.

As I look through archives and see the changes that have occurred in my life over the past five years, I am reminded again of many reasons I am grateful to have started this site. I continue to be grateful that I have this venue in which to share thoughts.

I continue to be grateful to those of you who come here every day to read these entries (and to those who come every so often). I continue to appreciate your understanding that there are days when I need to be more than a little circumspect in my comments. I continue to appreciate the moral support when I've written about something difficult. And I continue to appreciate the good wishes.

On the fourth anniversary I said:

"Those entries, the long ones and the short ones, the ones that are about serious subjects or things not serious, the ones that have flowed easily from my fingers and the ones that have stuck to my fingers like someone had glued them there, all have brought me a measure of joy that I would not have had without this venue.

"The joy continues. So will the entries."

And on this fifth anniversary, I feel the same way.

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