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June 2005

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Revised - June 23

After getting news earlier this week that my rent wasn't going up, I got news today from the complex manager that there was an error in the message sent to me, and there most likely would be a rent increase.

The local manager is going to see what he can do for us (apparently one other resident got caught in the same error) to keep the no-increase, but he did promise me that if I had to accept the increased amount, it included a free carpet cleaning! Joys abounding!

No thanks. If I want the carpet cleaned, I'd rather do it myself, at my own pace. If I let them do it, I'm responsible for moving all the furniture, and doing it to suit their timetable. And all I don't need is to have to deal with damp carpet.

I don't think I would be much less thrilled if they had promised me a broken leg.

In case you're wondering, yes, I am pretty sure it's their right to correct their own mistake in the lease renewal agreement, since it's not officially a done deal till both tenant (me) and landlord (them) sign it. I am also sure, however, that I can come up with a ton of maintenance requests if they stick me with the increase, so I'll feel that I'm really getting my money's worth.

And the increased amount isn't the problem. I had, until seeing the agreement earlier in the week, been expecting there to be an increase, of the amount the manager told me this evening. It's the principle of the thing.

* * * * * * * * * * *

To end this with something much happier: those of you who were readers of Saundra's journal a few years ago may remember her story, "Cherry Half Moon." She has reprinted it this week, and I enjoyed having the chance to read it again.

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