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May 2005

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Of a Certain Shopping Trip - May 8

First off, I don't have an update on Donna's mother. I'm hoping that means she's had a good, quiet day. Thanks to all who are sending good wishes.

Thinking of home reminds me of a funny story. In my home county, the drinking of alcohol is still pretty much thought of as something not discussed in public. Ten years ago, that was even more true than it is today. And ten years ago, I wanted to buy some booze.

I had friends coming to spend a weekend. Mother was in the nursing home, and the friends were coming to help me do some things around the house. I wanted to serve some spirited refreshments, which meant a trip to the liquor store.

Such trips can be a little embarrassing, seeing as how you aren't supposed to admit to drinking and all. And following that line, why on earth would you be going to a liquor store? "What's a nice person like you doing in a place like that?" pretty much sums it up.

So I decided to reduce the risk of being spotted by someone who would find my shopping excursion gossip-worthy by going to the liquor store closer to the nursing home than to my house. Surely no one in that part of town would know me.

Yes, I know you've figured out I was caught. Read on anyway.

I got to the store, walked in, and was looking for the two kinds of alcohol I wanted. Then a man walked up to me and said, "Aren't you Mrs. Mom'sLastName's daughter?" When I said I was, he went on to tell me his name, which helped since I hadn't seen him in a few years. He had been a student of hers, and is several years younger than I. We chatted a few minutes, getting caught up with each other.

By now you're thinking I was dying of embarrassment. That I was afraid he'd go back to our hometown and tell that the (retired) teacher's child was in the liquor store. Not at all. I knew my shopping secret was safe without even having to ask.

Anyone who would have found it gossip-worthy that I was shopping there would have been even more fascinated to learn that he was there because that's where he works.

In fact, after we chatted he helped me find the two bottles I wanted.

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