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May 2005

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Saturday News - May 7

I've spent a lot of time today doing updates to the Crafters Links on the Rebeccaworks site. This is something I've been meaning to do since earlier in the year, but had waited for a day when I had time.

Many of those links are to members of a crafts group. I had announced to the group a long time ago that I was no longer planning to participate in the strictly reciprocal linking, and that any who wished to do so should feel free to delete my link. Today I took advantage of the freedom that gave me to remove a few links myself. Between doing that, and removing any dead links I found, I managed to reduce the page size by about a third.

Tell you a secret: I really am not all that fond of these people dictating to me what their links will say. It's the way this group operates, so I went along with it, but I long ago put in a note that said, in effect, "I didn't write this crap!" since some of them are poorly written. Tonight, I had to modify that disclaimer, since I actually did write the text for the link to the site of my friend David Bibb.

I'm glad I had a free day to devote to the page, and glad the work is finished.

* * * * * * * * * * *

As I was writing this, I got e-mail. The message was from my best friend, Donna, letting me know that her mother has had major abdominal surgery and is still in intensive care. I hate that she's ill, and wish I weren't so far away. Those of you who are so inclined are asked for prayers or good vibes, please. Donna's mother's name is also Becky, in case you want to put a name with the good thoughts.

Before you ask, yes, I call her by her first name, with her permission and with no disrespect intended. She enjoys the, "Becky, this is Becky," silliness in phone calls as much as I do. Which is one tiny reason that she's one of my favorite people.

And I want her to get well soon, please.

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