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May 2005

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Bus Talk - May 9

Apparently I angered the bus karma rulers. Or they decided to play with me. Whichever, I got stuck this afternoon when the bus I usually take from the office to downtown Chapel Hill never, ever showed up.

I'm sure I wasn't late getting to the stop. I'm also sure that I won't complain to the bus system people about it (unless it happens again tomorrow), because what probably happened is that the driver was early and he could get in a lot of trouble for that. And I like that driver, so I'd rather take it up with him than tattle. Like I said, unless it happens again tomorrow. Later, another bus came along, of course, and I got downtown.

For the past few Mondays, I have gone grocery shopping. Even before all the bus folderol this afternoon, I had thought about putting that off till tomorrow. By the time I got downtown, the bus I would have taken to go to the grocery store had long since left, and the next one going in that direction was going to be so much later that I just couldn't deal with the notion of getting to the store that late, much less shopping.

So I went to the bus stop for the bus that comes to my apartment complex, and waited for the last bus of the day to arrive and please just bring me home. It did.

If you're getting the idea that I'm feeling a little sorry for myself tonight, you're right. I know quite well that there are people in worse shape than I am in. I know the bus system has to be designed for the greater good, not for Becky's pleasure. I know eventually I'll have the car back in service, and can resume going to the grocery store without quite so much planning.

But dammit, I am tired.

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