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February 2005

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Little Girl - February 4

Getting in the car to go to work, I was a little startled to hear a man yelling, "little girl!" I knew he wasn't addressing me, but I thought he might be warning me that there was one such creature too close to my car for comfort. So I stopped getting in the car and looked around.

And very soon realized that "Little Girl" was a proper name, that of the adorable little dog running toward me on the sidewalk. Little Girl stopped in her tracks when she saw me, then headed over to play. I looked down the sidewalk and saw that the man who had been calling for her was heading uphill from the building next door to mine, so I waved at him and pointed at my feet as soon as I had his attention. He continued heading toward Little Girl, but I think he knew she would be safe till he got to her.

The dog, meanwhile, was doing that little play-dance thing that small dogs seem to be born knowing how to do. She would come toward me, stop, look up to make sure I was paying attention, wiggle her whole body, wag her tail, then take two steps back. I have participated in the dance enough times to know my role: I was to stand still, make cooing sounds, and look down at the principal, without making any attempt to reach for her.

As she danced, she caught the scent of the treasures buried in the pine straw used as mulch around the trees and shrubs in front of my building. Since those smelled like more fun than I did, she went over to investigate. Since she was in no danger, I stayed beside my car.

Her human continued on his way, and by this time he could see her pawing through the mulch, seeking whichever fascinating scent had attracted her to the pile. As he neared, he smiled at me, then whistled for Little Girl. She decided to pay attention to him, and headed in his direction. They met at mid-sidewalk, and had a joyous reunion consisting of him picking her up and her licking his face.

I suspect the next time I see Little Girl, she'll be at the front end of a lead, pulling her human along with her as she explores.

I hope she'll stop to dance.

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