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February 2005

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Winter and Work and Back - February 3

We started the day not knowing whether or not we would have frozen precipitation mixed with the rain. It worked out that our temperature was above freezing, so nothing other than rain managed to last. I did hear a few people say they had seen sleet, but I missed that completely.

So far, we've been very lucky this winter. No need to remind me to count my blessings about this.

At the law firm, Kathy has been out with the flu most of the week. It's a little odd to watch us dealing with her desk and computer and telephone. We have all taken a turn wiping things down with disinfectant wipes, and I spritzed the area with disinfectant spray for good measure.

This disinfecting is in part because we aren't sure which of our clients might not have had flu shots due to the shortage earlier in the season, and yeah, we don't want to catch it either.

Work otherwise today was fairly quiet. Which was good, because my back decided that aching all day would be an appropriate response to the weather weirdness. So it did.

An all-day ache sometimes makes conversations a little tricky, especially late in the day. I was fine as far as clients were concerned. I could manage telephone calls and clients coming in, because those conversations are somewhat formulaic.

But the aching back came into the picture when I was talking with Wendy late in the afternoon, and I said something that had to be explained (I had left out the subject of the sentence, I think). After translating my garbled sentence, I said, "I'm really trying to speak English, but I'm not sure I'm succeeding. My back is taking over."

Wendy just nodded. She has long known that my back has a mind of its own.

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