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October 2004

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October 18

I am a talented person. I am good at a lot of things. Unfortunately, one of those things is not self-promotion. I was telling a friend about this earlier tonight, and I thought I'd tell you about it, too.

I don't have a problem with false modesty. I am happy to tell you I'm good at music, good at needlework, good at research, have much common sense to share, good with details, good at certain kinds of writing, and good at or have other things not on my mind at the moment.

But I am not at all good at promoting these things. I am not good at promoting myself for anything. I may be a very good musician, but I have next to no ability in blowing my own horn.

To a certain extent, I expect other people to pay attention to what I'm doing in front of their eyes or ears, to appreciate that I do things well and to reward me with applause and/or money. That's most obviously true with regard to music, but it carries over into other aspects of life, as well.

But I've come to realize that hasn't worked as well as I had hoped it would. And I'm trying to figure out other ways to make people aware of my worth, or the worth of my work or products, without doing things I consider crass or demeaning. I don't do demeaning at all, and certainly don't want to ever be good at that!

Suggestions are welcome, with the proviso that if what you suggest is not something that I can do, I won't do it.

In any case, sending me good horn-blowing vibes will be appreciated.

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