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October 2004

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October 19

Apparently in this part of North Carolina, early voting is a real hit. I talked with a friend today who had just finished voting, and she was impressed with the whole setup. She said she would sort of miss the camaraderie of voting on Election Day, but that this was one year when she wanted to be absolutely sure nothing kept her vote from counting. And I like her way of thinking (okay, at least in part because I happen to know we're voting for the same candidates, but anyway).

The law here was changed a few years back, to allow for such early voting. It's at least colloquially known as "No Excuses," which I suppose can be taken two ways. The real reason for the name is that previous absent-on-voting-day requests had required one to state why one needed an absentee ballot, and reasons for wanting to vote early are not necessary under this new setup.

But the other way "No Excuses" can be taken is that with so much time to vote between right this minute and the end of Election Day hours, it's really hard to come up with an excuse not to vote. And yes, I know there are emergencies and other legitimate reasons; no need to remind me.

I also understand that a huge number of first-time voters will be joining our ranks this year. People well past age eighteen who have not ever registered before, in addition to those who are newly eligible and those who have moved into the area, etc., have registered in the last few months. And I think this is a grand thing. I'd be willing to bet that these newly-registered will make every effort to vote.

As should we all. Vote early, vote on Election Day, whichever you prefer and whatever your state allows. But do by all means vote.

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