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October 2004

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October 3

A quiet weekend. A lot of it was spent reading, along with the usual errands and chores.

I've spent some of my time doing the Internet version of window shopping. I was looking at earrings, specifically those designed for people who have chosen for one reason or another not to have pierced ears (one of whom is me). Actually, the most promising thing I found was that converters (for making pierced earrings work on non-pierced lobes) are easier than ever to acquire. I wasn't in buying mode, so no money went anywhere.

Tonight I got curious about an old acquaintance of mine, and did some Google time looking for him. Gee, that makes me sound several shades of stalkerish, which isn't the case at all. His is a name I thought Google would know, so in the Internet equivalent of checking with friends and friends of friends, I did a search.

I don't really need to have Google include me in search results for him, so let's just say I knew him and his wife when they lived in Chapel Hill, and he had at earlier points in his life done advance work for both John and Robert Kennedy. The man's name crossed my mind when I saw an ad for a PBS program airing this week about Robert Kennedy.

The funniest thing about that particular search is that one of the results led me to the website of a high school teacher a couple of counties away from here. She had mentioned the man's name in connection with a comment made by a person who quoted him.

I bet she's going to wonder why she got a search engine hit from someone looking for that name. She would be even more surprised to find out where I am. This shows once again that no matter how large the World Wide Web has become, sometimes the world is quite small.

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